Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dashboard Gallery - Part 1

Google Developer Day (GDD)
GDD application implements the recommended dashboard pattern to the letter. Big icons for navigation clearly explain what user can do with this application. Bottom part of the portrait mode provides updates of current information (in this case the GDD is already gone) and a link to GDD web site.

This application also provides another layout for landscape mode where the bottom bit is missing to make the layout more fluent.

Miso application's landing page is a very well implemented example of the dashboard pattern. Clear icons and branded look creates very friendly first expression. 

Bottom part of the screen promotes either popular or current TV shows that users might be interested about. 

Twitter application was created by Google engineers to promote new UI patterns. First version of the Twitter client contained also a bottom part that had new Tweets flying in and even animated Twitter bird. Unfortunately, Twitter decided to remove them later.

Winamp's landing page is very clear and self explanatory. Clear buttons and branding is done very well.

Facebook application's landing page makes it very easy to the Facebook users to find functionality they expect. Application branding is also instantly recognisable. 

Moto trend online car magazine application has created rather interesting dashboard page. Design could be much cleaner to allow user to get a better view of the application functionality at a glance.

Kayak application has chosen a different approach for the application's landing page. They present a navigation list to the user. Use of large and clear icons helps to understand the application.

Alkido ebook reader application's landing page is very well designed. It gives access to our ebooks as well as to their store for download.