Friday, 3 December 2010

Action Bar Gallery - Part 2

... continuing from Action Bar Gallery - Part 1

In the latest update of YouTube application Google has utilised the action bar pattern. In each context the user has the most needed functionality available easily. In this app they have added an interesting twist by including "More" button in the action bar when more functions are relevant than the three you can comfortably fit into an action bar.

Evernote has fitted more icons into the action bar than other applications I have seen. They have, however, made an importan change when the action bar has more than three icons; they have removed the application name that normally follows the application icon. I think this change saves the design from looking too crowded and makes it very usable even with that many icons.

In note editing page they have used similar approach than Google used in the YouTube application by fitting in a drop-down menu. Icon used in this case very clearly indicates that this icon is not a direct action but a menu.

Appsfire's action bar is hidden by default on the app's landing page. Pulling down on the screen's main area brings the action bar down. 

Aldiko updated their app to use Android UI patterns. Their dashboard and action bar implementation is very stylish.

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