Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dashboard Anti-Pattern Gallery

Amazon has two application in Android Market. Both of them fail to present key functionality in their front page in clear and accesible manner. The Amazon ebook application tells how to access their services through menu. Why not just let users press the icons in the front page?

The Amazon MP3 shop application has way too busy landing page. Following a dashboard pattern here would improve the application.

Documents To Go application has six main functionalities from which some are locked in the free version (the ist is not scrollable). The application's landing page is way too cluttered. It is difficult to get a good overview of the application's main functionalities. They do have clear icons for each function and well defined label. Extra definition text is redundant in this case. These problems combined with the very graphics heavy top part / logo makes the first impression overwhelming and confusing. 

They have created a different layout for the landscape mode which is much better than if they would have used the portrait layout with scrolling.

For an application that costs $15 in the Market Place this application landing page doesn't encourage potential buyers to upgrade.


SkyGrid application has few problems with their approach. SkyGrid fails to provide a better layout for landscape mode. On top of that I think using a dashboard in this application is overkill. This application doesn't really have that many features that it would require one. "Shared items" and "Share App" are not that frequently used functions that they deserve icon in the dashboard.