Sunday, 5 December 2010

Scrolling Tabs Gallery - Part 1

News and Weather

News and Weather application that comes preinstalled in many Android devices has a very nice implementation of this pattern. User can flick through all the lists by dragging them to left or right.  Tabs always show the current location.

Tabs are made clickable and therefore provide an alternative way of navigating beween lists. The tab bar is also draggable separately to allow user to see all navigation options when there are more tabs than fit the screen.

In this application the scrolling tabs is the main component ant it fills the whole screen.

In the new YouTube application the sliding tabs implementation is following closely the same design as in the News and Weather application.

In YouTube app this component only covers half of the screen as YouTube's main component is the video. They also use Action Bar

TweetDeck utilises same navigation approach in their application. They have chosen a different way of displaying user's current location in the lists than the previous examples. They use dots in the top bar to indicate available list in either directions.