Monday, 28 February 2011

Spotify action drawer implementation

Spotify is easily one of my favorite services of all time. They provide legal streaming and offline music. If you're not aware of them check out their website at Unfortunately Spotify services are not available in my current home country, Germany. I managed to get a temporary access to the service when I last time visited Finland.

On top of the amazingly usable service Spotify has managed to implement a very clear and highly usable Android application. The interface doesn't have any bells or whistles and lacks a bit in visual department but has few very nice tricks in it.

In this blog's domain one feature in the app is particularly interesting. Spotify app provides easy access to playback controls from all application screens using the action drawer UI design pattern. The control for opening the drawer is embedded in the middle of app's navigation bar.

Video and more after the jump...

Tapping or dragging from the action drawer handle causes current song controls to appear. This implementation of the pattern could be easily used as the top implementation around right not. Good job Spotify.

Following video demonstrates their implementation in action.

Now if I could just get a permanent Spotify account...