Saturday, 26 February 2011

UI Design Pattern - Dashboard

Dashboard a landing page of an application containing large and clear symbols of main functionality and optionally an area for relevant new information.

Check out Google I/O 2010 conference presentation Android UI design patterns for a conference presentation about UI design patterns. It features the dashboard pattern.

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Pattern card


Very clear and easily accessible navigation to application's main functionality is very important in mobile applications. They are used for short periods of time usually to achieve a very simple goal (post a update to a social network, send a message, take a picture, etc). 


Landing page of the application should visually clear and provide easy access to main tasks user want to do with the application. 

  1. Very easy and fast access to main functionality
  2. Clear and non-intimidating landing page
  3. User gets clear understanding what the application does best
  4. Opportunity to provide branded first impression
  5. Option to include current information about the application or the application domain

Few Examples

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