Wednesday, 16 March 2011

10 more applications that use UI patterns

Catch Notes
Catch Notes separates two sections of their dashboard with a horizontal line and different background texture.

Foodspotting is one of the visually best looking apps for Android today. They use action bar mainly for branding as the app doesn't have clear front page so the app logo isn't clickable.

This app is built by Reto Meier who works at Google as an Android developer advocate and has also written the book "Professional Android 2 Application Development."

His use of action bar is interesting. As the app has only two screens an neither of them is a clear app landing page the action bar's left side buttons are used to navigate between the two screens. This makes perfect sense especially as the buttons are aligned to left which is usually reserved for the home button. 

Flow combines action bar and action drawer with a clear dashboard implementation.

Scanner Radio
Very clear dashboard implementation.

Magic TG Tracker
This app is a good example of an amateur app that manages to achieve good usability by implementing patterns correctly.

Visually different dashboard. It isn't very successful in my opinion. There's too much going on visually. On top of that, actions that have been selected to be presented as dashboard icons are not the most important functions of the app. In general there should not be any reason to have action in the action bar in the dashboard screen. All the most important actions should be in the main area.

doubleTwist player
This dashboard looks like it is not complete. It lacks all branding and doesn't display even the application name in any form. They should consider using an action bar.

This design is very simple but very clear and intuitive. They could have spent a bit more time for their landing screen to make it look more appealing.

Earthquake Alert!
This app has a very clear action bar implementation. They don't use the application icon for navigation though as the app only has two screens. They also use quick actions when a row is selected (a blog post about quick actions is coming).