Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Elsewhere in the web - Considerations for Mobile Design

UX Booth has run an interesting three part series about mobile design by David Leggett (theleggett.com).

Considerations for Mobile Design (Part 1): Speed
I remember when I first dabbled in Mobile Web Design. The year was 2006, and hype for the recently announced “.mobi” top level domain (TLD) was strong. Armed with my new BlackBerry Pearl 8100, I was ready to try my hand at building a mobile experience on its whopping 240x260px display.
Considerations for Mobile Design (Part 2): Dimensions
One of the first choices a designer makes when creating a website is determining its appropriate dimensions. At a time when desktop resolutions range anywhere from1024x768px to 2560x1600px, designers are well accustomed to designing for the lowest common denominator. It’s not exactly good practice to create a layout at 1200px wide when 20% of your users are browsing on a 1024×768 resolution.
Considerations for Mobile Design (Part 3): Behavior
As we conclude our series, Considerations for Mobile Design, we wish to spend a little time looking at how users behave differently on handheld devices compared to desktops and laptops. In this final part of our introduction to mobile design, we explore how touch interfaces are different from more traditional means of user input, and how designers can start implementing new gestures into their own products.