Friday, 23 August 2013

Android Asset Studio Nine-patch Generator update adds an interactive preview

Nine-patches are one of the most powerful graphical components for creating scalable Android apps. They are, however, sometimes difficult to understand especially when starting with Android development.

The Android Asset Studio online tool has had a nine-patch editor for a while but today it got much better. Roman Nurik announced an addition of an interactive preview to the tool. In addition to easily editing the stretch regions, content padding and optical bounds you can now resize the preview and see how the asset scales directly in your browser. Once done, you can then export assets for different densities ready to be dropped to your app project.

If you're a developer send a link to this tool to your designers. They can now make sure that the assets they create scale correctly without need to put the assets into the app to try them out.

You find the Android Asset Studio Nine-patch Generator here:

Read Roman's announcement here: