About me

Hi everybody,

Thank you for popping by in my blog. I thought that I would write few words about who am I and why I'm writing this blog.

I'm currently working in a UK based startup called Snapp Solution as head of Android development. I'm based in Munich, Germany but originally from Finland.

I have always been fascinated by good design and usable software. As an Android user and a fan I've encountered too many apps that are not up to par in their design. It is very difficult topic to get right but there are tools for helping people. Design patterns are very powerful when used correctly. They guide designers and developers towards proven solutions.

I try to use many different apps daily to see as many innovative solutions to common problems as possible. My goal with this blog is to follow Android UI patterns as they develop and evolve. I want to point out good implementations and explain how to improve bad implementations of the patterns.

Please leave comments on posts or here to let me know what works and what doesn't. All feedback is more than welcome.

I'm currently writing a book about Android UI for Wiley's Smashing books series. The book is going to be published in November of 2012. See more information from the books's website at http://eu.wiley.com/buy/9781118387283.

All opinions expressed in this blog are my own and don't represent any company.


Please feel free to contact me by email for post ideas, feedback, anything.

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